Scotty Graham
20 Gray Ave, Toronto, Ontario • 416 578 9660 •

Operations Manager  •  Customer Service Specialist

Proactive, experienced Operations Manager, with experience in operations, maintenance, and office management, coupled with extensive background in customer service, design and marketing. Confident policy builder skilled in process improvement, project management, and customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

Professional Experience

STOLPORT CORP., Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport                                                         2009- Dec 2013
Received multiple promotions throughout a five year period of rapid growth with this 30 year old family company.  Stolport Corp. is a major landholder and stakeholder at Toronto’s island airport and a parent company to a charter airline servicing the United Nations, Trans Capital Air (formerly City Express).

Operations Manager
Report to the president, direct day-to-day operations and facilities management of four locations encompassing the mainland and island Airport Parking & Ferry Control, Fixed Based Operations (FBO), staff facilities, offices, tenant space and a heavy maintenance hangar. Act as a first point of contact for the corporation, monitoring and handling all internal and external communications, and penning material for the president.

I improved customer service by:
 automating the parking systems, reducing transaction times from minutes to seconds;
• eliminating double billing complaints and chargeback inquiries by automating monthly billing;
 training and mentoring a team of three supervisors and doubling staff from 9 to 19 employees;
 writing and implementing an effective customer service program;
 eliminated dangerous queue jumping, traffic jams, and cashier errors by reorganizing the ferry vehicle staging procedures.

 I increased profits by:
 implementing policies that increased short term parking yields from $30/day to $95/day;
 capturing lost sales by relocating lower yield monthly customers out of high demand areas;
• launching a website, customer service hotline, and a reservation system that gave passengers the confidence to drive to the airport knowing they will always find available parking;
• leveraging our location to capitalize on nearby events including the Caribana parade, a nearby yacht club, the airshow, concerts, and fireworks.

I improved service levels by:
 utilizing outside contractors to improve snow removal reaction time during major weather events;
• designing improved signage and way-finding, and increasing available short term parking; 
• launching an equipment maintenance program that saw a significant increase in system reliability and reduction in costly service calls;
 proactively engaging with the airport operator, airport community, and neighbourhood to better identify and respond to their changing needs during a period of rapid growth.

I reduced expenditures by:
  identifying and eliminating scheduling practices responsible for generating over 80 weekly overtime hours;
 implementing a progressive discipline policy that successfully curbed sick call abuse;
• designing and implementing a vacation booking system that reduced vacation payouts by more than 80%;
• outsourcing staff uniforms.

 I decreased our liability by:
 uncovering and terminating employees involved in time-card fraud and theft;
 exposing and billing individuals involved in illegally obtaining parking without payment;
 collected tens of thousands of dollars in outstanding accounts payable and implemented automatic expiry of unpaid accounts to eliminate future backlogs;
 wrote all policy and procedure (including WHIMS and WSIB) to comply with our contracts, legal agreements, memorandums of understanding, and Provincial and Federal legislation;
 reducing third party annual audit findings by streamlining daily paperwork and cash handling;
 resolving a rolling accounting variance, caused by a software glitch, that had the potential to disrupt a multi-million dollar contract.

I represented the interests of the corporation by:
• negotiating parking agreements with over 30 private and public agencies;
• negotiating rental tenancy agreements and renewals with Hertz, Enterprise, PCL and CBC;
• attending city hall, community, and airport operational meetings;
• coordinating with multiple departments of the Toronto Port Authority on construction projects, equipment installations, new buildings and infrastructure, a memorandum of understanding for tunnel construction, the G-20, and VIP movements including Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second and Prime Minister Steven Harper.


A&A Associates Print & Design Inc., Windsor, Ontario                                        2004-2008
Graphic Design Project Manager
Manage printing and design projects from concept, through production, to completion. Coordinate machinery, the design and approval process, and outside vendors to meet customer requirements and deadlines.

• Earned accolades from my employer for reaching out to the downtown community and festival networks, directly resulting in new clients and contributing to the continued success of the business.

Professional Training

Disney Institute– Disney’s Approach to Quality Service
Caesars Worldwide - C.A.R.E Customer Service Specialist Program, Crew Trainer Program, Respect and Anti-Harassment In The Workplace
Excellence Canada (NQI) -  Process Improvement, Risk Management, Stakeholder Satisfaction
St. John’s Ambulance – Red Cross First Aid & CPR/AED Certified 2013
WSIB – Regulation Compliance Course For Managers
CAA – TICO Industry Standards Exam, PCI Credit Card Compliance

Technical Skills

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, ADP EZLaborManager, ADP Total Access, Zeag Systems, Internet & Social Media, e-Commerce


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