Photoshoot Sunday

Looks straight right guys?

Looks straight right guys?

Had a fancy photo shoot today by rearranging the living room and frame swapping as fast as I could before the Sun disappeared. I'm learning as I go and have never done anything like this before. The inspiration was 70s porn set - totally nailed it! 

PROJECT Toronto Art Poster Prints

New Toronto Art Print Posters are here! Very excited to launch this colourful series. 

Labeled and packed to sell! #toronto #tdot #scotty2naughty

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Opening Spring 1965!

Cards About Toronto Giveaway



Why is this free? 
1. It is a special way to end this project now that the limited print edition has sold out.
2. Today is's one year anniversary.
3. Because Toronto.

PICK TWO!   <3 Scotty

Commissioned Holiday Illustrations

Getting in the spirit with the lovely Literary Press Group folks at All Lit Up!

Get these cute little authors at their website.

Commissioned Illustration of the Now

Thanks for the opportunity Penguin Canada! I certainly had fun with this one. :)